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tradooitTradooIT offers parallel bilingual corpora that can be used to search for terms. But it is much more than a concordancer. The TradooIT ecosystem allows you to align your translated texts, pre-translate your documents and search your archives and your terminology. It also includes an alignment tool and allows you to upload and export your translation memories.

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LudwigLudwig is a smart translator and linguistic search engine which helps you to find the right word or sentence to express your ideas. By leveraging the most powerful learning tool that humans have, the ability to imitate, this tool advises people on how to put down their ideas in words with confidence. A gigantic database with millions of correct English sentences and an algorithm specialized in language allows you to compare any of your English phrases with a set of similar correct and contextualized ones. It also has a dictionary and can translate from other languages into English.

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EU Translation and Drafting Resources

The European commission’s Translation and Drafting Resources contain dictionaries, glossaries, guidelines, and many more resources for writers and translators dealing with the national and international institutions of the EU. It also includes links to information on national legislation and government systems.

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OPUS, the open parallel corpus

OPUS is a growing collection of translated texts from the web, with bilingual aligned versions of the official European languages and more (including some texts in Catalan). The sub-corpora include the European Central Bank corpus, the European Constitution and the European Parliament Proceedings.

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Meme Miner

Meme Miner enables you to search Wikipedia articles to find equivalent terms in a wide variety of language combinations and gives a short description of the term in the target language.

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Linguee - Dictionary for German, French, Spanish and Portuguese

A translation tool that searches through a huge corpus for individual terms or expressions in a wide variety of fields. The corpus is made up largely of texts taken from professionally translated websites of companies, organisations and universities.

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