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Total Commander

Total Commander is a file manager for Windows. It features two file windows side by side, a tabbed interface, an enhanced search function, a built-in FTP client, file compare and a multi-rename tool with regular expression support.

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Text-Case Converter

Text case converter is a handy web application that allows you to change text case of any text easily to upper case, lower case, title case or sentence case. Simply paste the text you want to convert into the text area, click on one of the buttons and let the tool to do the work for you.

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tradooitTradooIT offers parallel bilingual corpora that can be used to search for terms. But it is much more than a concordancer. The TradooIT ecosystem allows you to align your translated texts, pre-translate your documents and search your archives and your terminology. It also includes an alignment tool and allows you to upload and export your translation memories.

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LudwigLudwig is a smart translator and linguistic search engine which helps you to find the right word or sentence to express your ideas. By leveraging the most powerful learning tool that humans have, the ability to imitate, this tool advises people on how to put down their ideas in words with confidence. A gigantic database with millions of correct English sentences and an algorithm specialized in language allows you to compare any of your English phrases with a set of similar correct and contextualized ones. It also has a dictionary and can translate from other languages into English.

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AntConcAntConc is a freeware corpus analysis toolkit for concordancing and text analysis created by Laurence Anthony of WasedaUniversity, Japan. It can help you solve your language usage and lexical queries by consulting compilations of texts of general language or specific fields.

See this link for instructions on creating your first corpus and analysing it with AntConc.

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The tips, tricks, and ideas on WordRibbon.Tips.Net are designed for users of Word 2007, Word 2010, and Word 2013. You’ll find just about everything you need to become productive with the program right away.

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Google Books Ngram Viewer

Google Books Ngram Viewer allows you to track usage over the years. You can thus find out if a word or expression has become obsolete or come into general usage. You can also compare several words or expressions to find out which is more common. Languages currently offered include English, Spanish, French and German

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DuckDuckGo is an Internet search engine that does not track and profile its users and shows all users the same search results for a given search term. It also emphasizes getting information from the best sources rather than the most sources, generating its search results from key crowdsourced sites such as Wikipedia and from partnerships with other search engines such as Yandex, Yahoo!, Bing and WolframAlpha.

It features the use of !bangs, or commands that apply filters to searches. For example, !wes will search Wikipedia in Spanish and !rae will search the dictionary of the Real Academia Española. For a list of !bang commands, type !bang in the search window.

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Buscapalabra, troba la paraula que necessites

Busca palabra és un projecte que consisteix en un motor de cerca amb diferents opcions, de les quals les més interessants són:


  • Sinònims i antònims: troba els sinònims i antònims directes d’una paraula concreta i, a més, coneix un munt de paraules que semànticament hi estan relacionades i que també pots fer servir, amb la qual cosa pots enriquir moltíssim el teu text.
  • Conjugador de verbs: t’ofereix la conjugació sencera de qualsevol verb.
  • Cerca de paraules per les lletres amb què comencen o amb què acaben: si no recordes com s’escriu una paraula concreta, pots fer la consulta amb una part de la paraula i trobar-la.
  • Categoria gramatical: pots trobar tota la informació gramatical de qualsevol paraula.
  • Definicions: pots fer-ho servir com un diccionari i trobar la definició de qualsevol paraula.


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Translator Tools

TransTools© software suite is a free collection of tools specially designed to help translators in various situations. They will maximize your productivity in such common activities as pre-formatting documents before translation, quality assurance after translation, managing and searching glossaries and much more.

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