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Indiana University of Pennsylvania Writing Center

IUPThe Resources for Writers section of the IUP Writing Center offers a wide range of resources for student writers. They include tips on planning and structuring a text, grammar and punctuation, document sections and types (essays, papers and theses) and sample documents. The site even has a video on how to set up a blog.

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CMOS Hyphenation Table

CMSThe Chicago Manual of Style Hyphenation Table is a guide to the use of hyphens in compounds.

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EU Interinstitutional Style Guide

EU style guideThe Interinstitutional Style Guide offers unform stylistic rules and conventions for use by the institutions, bodies, offices and agencies of the European Union. It contains conventions on grammar, punctuation, official names of institutions, currencies and legislation in 24 languages.

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Grammar Monster

Grammar Monster offers a complete guide to grammar and punctuation. It has lessons and tests on punctuation, explanations on parts of speech, and advice on easily confused words. It will even answer grammar questions.

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UPC English Style Guide

The UPC English Style Guide is a set of guidelines on writing institutional and academic texts in English at the University. It is part of the UPC’s Llibre d’estil lingüístic. The content of these guidelines is taken from the Vives University Network’s Interuniversity Style Guide for Writing Institutional Texts, an interuniversity project in which the UPC participated with the support of the Secretariat for Universities and Research of the Government of Catalonia.

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Center for Writing Studies

This centre at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign offers a variety of resources for writing. These include a Grammar Handbook that explains and illustrates basic grammatical rules and common problems of usage, a Handbook of Citation Styles, which summarizes the bibliographical formatting rules for the American Psychological Association style and the Modern Language Association style, and a Handbook of Writing Tips with advice on types of document, document sections and the writing process.

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TERMIUM Plus is the Government of Canada’s terminology and linguistic data bank. It has more than 4 million English and French terms in addition to 200,000 Spanish terms covering a wide range of fields. It also provides access to 17 writing tools, including tips on word usage, a complete grammar guide, a conjugator (French) and articles on language use covering the French and English Languages.

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OnlineStylebooks is a Google Custom Search engine that allows you to consult a variety of style guides with a single search. The indexed style guides include the Chicago Manual of Style, the Guardian and Observer Style Guide, the Economist Style Guide and the National Geographic Style Guide.

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The Elements of Style

No list of English language resources would be complete without The Elements of Style, a very short book by Cornell University professor William Strunk, Jr. First published in 1918 and later edited by Strunk’s more famous student, writer E.B. White.

Much advice about writing in modern English that is repeated in technical manuals derives from this little book. It is the source of widely held preferences for strong verbs and active voice, of certain modern syntax-based punctuation rules and of the special English aesthetic of ‘tightness’ (the opposite of ‘wordiness’), and much more.

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Guide to Punctuation

The Guide to Punctuation by Larry Trask of the University of Sussex, is written for people who find punctuation difficult. The document starts at the beginning and assumes no knowledge of punctuation at all.

The document also covers a few topics which are not strictly aspects of punctuation, such as the proper use of capital letters, of contractions and abbreviations and of diacritics. The document concludes by explaining the proper way to handle titles, footnotes, references and bibliographies, and it also covers the punctuation of personal and business letters.


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