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EU Translation and Drafting Resources

The European commission’s Translation and Drafting Resources contain dictionaries, glossaries, guidelines, and many more resources for writers and translators dealing with the national and international institutions of the EU. It also includes links to information on national legislation and government systems.

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University Search Engine

The SLT has created a University Search Engine based on Google custom search that explores the websites of 19 British and US Universities. You can use it to solve your doubts about academic terminology and phraseology in the English language. If you would like to see other university websites included, please make a comment to this post.

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British National Corpus

This website allows you to quickly and easily search the 100 million word British National Corpus (1970s-1993). The BNC was originally created by Oxford University Press in the 1980s – early 1990s, and now exists in various versions on the web. Note that our version of the BNC wasrecently updated, and it now uses the CLAWS 7 tagset.

If you find this version of the BNC useful, you may also be interested in other corpora that have created by Mark Davies of Brigham Young University, including the 450 million word Corpus of Contemporary American English (1990-2010) and the 400+ million word Corpus of Historical American English (1810-2009).

As with some other BNC interfaces, you can search for words and phrases by exact word or phrase, wildcard or part of speech, or combinations of these.  You can also search for surrounding words (collocates) within a ten-word window (e.g. all nouns somewhere near paper, all adjectives near woman, or all nouns near spin).



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Exemplar searches over 1,900 journals and close to 4,000 books from Springer’s collection to find authentic examples of how a word or phrase is used in published literature. Comprehensive coverage includes both current and archival content in all major subject areas including the life sciences, medicine, engineering, mathematics, computer science, business, and law, contributed by some of the world’s leading academics in these fields. Exemplar is continuously updated with new content as it is published.

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Mathematical English Usage

Polish mathematician Jerzy Trzeciak organizes Mathematical English Usage as a glossary, but it’s more than that. Trzeciak exemplifies each word with sentences from technical publications, showing ways to combine words with formulas. You may already know what words like partition, converse or know mean—but this glossary can help you use them effectively in context.

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OPUS, the open parallel corpus

OPUS is a growing collection of translated texts from the web, with bilingual aligned versions of the official European languages and more (including some texts in Catalan). The sub-corpora include the European Central Bank corpus, the European Constitution and the European Parliament Proceedings.

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Corpus of Research Articles

The Corpus of Research Articles allows you to consult research texts in 39 disciplines. It currently has over 5.5 million words. This resource was developed by the Research Centre for Professional Communication in English at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

By allowing you to see specialist language used in context, this resource will help you to find the right words or phrases for building your research articles.

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If English is your first language, JustTheWord can help you express that elusive idea with le mot juste.

If you’re learning English, JustTheWord can justify your choice of words or suggest improvements. Based on the British National Corpus, JTW shows how words and expressions are used in context.


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Corpus of Contemporary American English

The Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA) is the largest freely-available corpus of English.

COCA contains more than 425 million words of text and is equally divided among spoken, fiction, popular magazines, newspapers, and academic texts. It includes 20 million words each year from 1990-2011 and the corpus is also updated once or twice a year (the most recent texts are from March 2011).


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Linguee - Dictionary for German, French, Spanish and Portuguese

A translation tool that searches through a huge corpus for individual terms or expressions in a wide variety of fields. The corpus is made up largely of texts taken from professionally translated websites of companies, organisations and universities.

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