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tradooitTradooIT offers parallel bilingual corpora that can be used to search for terms. But it is much more than a concordancer. The TradooIT ecosystem allows you to align your translated texts, pre-translate your documents and search your archives and your terminology. It also includes an alignment tool and allows you to upload and export your translation memories.

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LudwigLudwig is a smart translator and linguistic search engine which helps you to find the right word or sentence to express your ideas. By leveraging the most powerful learning tool that humans have, the ability to imitate, this tool advises people on how to put down their ideas in words with confidence. A gigantic database with millions of correct English sentences and an algorithm specialized in language allows you to compare any of your English phrases with a set of similar correct and contextualized ones. It also has a dictionary and can translate from other languages into English.

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MagicSearchMagic Search is a multilingual tool allowing you to look-up multiple sources with a single click (dictionaries, corpora, machine translation engines, search engines). Select a language pair and submit a search. MagicSearch will display a single scrollable page with multiple sources. You can customize the order of the dictionaries, as well as add/remove dictionaries.

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AntConcAntConc is a freeware corpus analysis toolkit for concordancing and text analysis created by Laurence Anthony of WasedaUniversity, Japan. It can help you solve your language usage and lexical queries by consulting compilations of texts of general language or specific fields.

See this link for instructions on creating your first corpus and analysing it with AntConc.

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The Wikipedia Corpus

The Wikipedia Corpus contains the full text of the English version of Wikipedia, totalling 1.9 billion words in more than 4.4 million articles. It allows you to search Wikipedia in a much more powerful way than is possible with the standard interface. You can search by word, phrase, part of speech, and synonyms. You can also find collocates (nearby words), and see re-sortable concordance lines for any word or phrase.

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phraseup* helps to find the words you need to complete a sentence. Sometimes we know what we want to write, the sentence is phrased in our mind, but we can’t figure out some of the words we need. This is where phraseup* comes in. Using a patent pending algorithm, phraseup* assists you with writing by suggesting possible combinations to fill-in the words you can’t remember. Each suggestion is accompanied by definitions, synonyms and translations to other languages.

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Leipzig Corpora

The Leipzig Corpora Collection is a collection of corpora of comparable sources and equivalent processing for more than 250 languages. All data are searchable. Moreover, corpora up to one million sentences can be downloaded to have full access to all data. The corpus can be queried online and the results show words in context, significant cooccurrences, left neighbours, right neigbours and an affinity map.


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The corpora at this site were created by Mark Davies, Professor of Linguistics at Brigham Young University. They have many different uses, including: finding out how native speakers actually speak and write; looking at language variation and change; finding the frequency of words, phrases, and collocates; and designing authentic language teaching materials and resources.

The corpora are used by more than 100,000 people each month (more than 200,000 visits), which makes them perhaps the most widely-used corpora currently available. They also serve as the basis for an increasing number of publications by researchers from throughout the world.



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The DocHound is an EU interinstitutional document search resource. It provides links for translators to useful resources of the different EU Institutions all in one place, including proceedings, legislation and news. The page is being updated regularly

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Reverso is a multilingual online dictionary that offers translations in context based on translation memory. The dictionaries used are from Collins, Merriam-Webster, Larousse, LEO, Oxford and Langenscheidt. This site also offers a machine translation system between many language combinations and a verb conjugator for English, Spanish, French and German.

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