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Lexipedia is a free online dictionary and thesaurus that graphically shows the semantic associations between words and concepts. Hover over words to see their definitions, usage and correct pronunciation, double-click to further expand the graph and click on the left bar to filter the results. The parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives) and relationships (fuzzynyms, synonyms and antonyms) are colour coded.

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Meme Miner

Meme Miner enables you to search Wikipedia articles to find equivalent terms in a wide variety of language combinations and gives a short description of the term in the target language.

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Linguee - Dictionary for German, French, Spanish and Portuguese

A translation tool that searches through a huge corpus for individual terms or expressions in a wide variety of fields. The corpus is made up largely of texts taken from professionally translated websites of companies, organisations and universities.

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