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Help readers find your article

Help readers find your article is one of the resources for research article authors offered by Sage publishing. It gives advice on search engine optimisation (SEO): organizing the content of your article to make sure that it is easily found in search engine results.

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Wiley author resources




Wiley Author Resources provide comprehensive support for research writing. The sections include resources on search engine optimization, publication ethics and guidelines on manuscript preparation.

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Tesaurus de termes de recerca

termes de recercaEl Tesaurus de termes de recerca conté prop de deu mil termes corresponents a les paraules clau i termes relacionats de l’àmbit de la recerca universitària, accessibles a partir d’un cercador i també d’una llista temàtica.

Cada fitxa conté les denominacions en català i en anglès, tot i que en alguns casos també s’hi inclouen equivalències en castellà, francès i alemany, i definicions. A més, en cada fitxa es recull una o més àrees temàtiques d’aplicació.

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SciDev.Net Practical Guides

How do I write a scientific paper? presents tips on how to present the results of a study, and give it the best chance of publication. How do I submit a paper to a scientific journal? takes you through the processes involved in submitting a paper and reacting to a journal’s response. It also provides guidance on what to do if your paper is rejected or accepted.

Both these guides are contained on the SciDev.Net site, which includes many other guides and useful information about science and writing.

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This is a multilingual search engine for idioms (frases fetes), phrasal verbs, expressions and other collocations. It includes over 30,000 expressions in 30 languages by 100 contributors worldwide.

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