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Diccionari de física

El Diccionari de física, elaborat per la Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Enciclopèdia Catalana i el TERMCAT. Inclou 3.085 termes catalans, amb equivalents en castellà, francès i anglès

L’obra recull i defineix conceptes relacionats amb diverses branques de la física, com ara la mecànica, la termodinàmica, l’electromagnetisme, l’òptica, la relativitat, la física quàntica, la física de partícules, la física nuclear, la física atòmica i la física de la matèria condensada. Completen la selecció de nomenclatura un bloc de termes dedicat a la física de la Terra i de l’espai i un de dedicat a la física mèdica. Cada article terminològic inclou una o diverses denominacions en català i els equivalents, una definició i, molt sovint, notes enciclopèdiques. Així mateix, s’indica l’àrea temàtica a què pertany cada terme. La consulta en línia dels termes es pot fer mitjançant l’accés alfabètic, l’accés temàtic o el quadre de cerca.

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Glossary of square footage terms

The Glossary of square footage terms includes definitions of 250 terms used (and misused) in the measurement of floor area in buildings. Varying standards use different rules for classifying space and for determining the boundaries of each class of space. Therefore, measurements performed under different standards will yield different figures.


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Diccionari de sinònims i frases fetes

El Diccionari de sinònims i de frases fetes de M. Teresa Espinal és un recull extens que aplega 15.500 locucions i frases fetes  en català amb l’explicació conceptual i amb exemples que permeten mostrar els contextos d’ús en què poden aparèixer.

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Photonics Dictionary® Plus

The Photonics Dictionary® Plus offers definitions of terms, abbreviations and acronyms related to photonics technology. It is in the form of a wiki, so the content can be edited and expanded by members of the photonics community. The definitions are accompanied by images and even a few videos.

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Telecom Glossary

The TIA Glossary of Telecommunication Terms provides definitions and explanations for more than 5,800 engineering words and phrases in the ICT industry. Arranged alphabetically, and searchable by term, the glossary—originally based upon the Federal Standard 1037C Glossary of Technological Terms—is a dependable guide to unfamiliar vocabulary from “A” to “Zone of Silence.” Moreover, glossary items are cross-linked, so that unfamiliar terms in one definition are quickly accessible.

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Glossary Links

The Glossary Links page offered by the EU’s Terminology Coordination allows you to search for online monolingual and multilingual glossaries by categories, keywords and languages.

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Macmillan Dictionary

The Macmillan English Dictionary, first published in 2002, is based on a corpus of English as it is used all around the world. It is regularly updated and includes a thesaurus fully integrated into the entries. The site also includes blogs on aspects of grammar and learning resources.

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All Acronyms

Allacronyms is a free human-edited website with more than 2,000,000 currently published acronyms and abbreviations. Its main goal is to provide a convenient online tool for those who need to quickly find an acronym definition or need to abbreviate a particular word or phrase. It can be filtered by subject areas and accepts suggestions from users.


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Hypertextual Dictionary of Architecture and Construction

The Hypertextual Dictionary of Architecture and Construction relates concepts to other concepts on several planes of reference. Clicking on any given node in one concept system will display textual or graphic material representing additional concept systems. This Spanish<>English dictionary is aimed at people who are interested in improving their knowledge of English for Architecture and Construction: students or professionals, such as architects, civil engineers, builders, Fine Art graduates, translators, terminologists, ESP teachers and everyone who is interested in Architecture and Construction and needs to use English for Specific purposes.


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